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Up to date conscise study notes
On demand online medical short courses
Updated and comprehensive Qbank
Updated and easy to follow tutorials
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Performance monitor

NMC-CBT Training and coaching

At Medcrine gives you the much needed UK NMC-CBT Exam praparation package and guidance.

NMC Account creation and set up
NMC-CBT Study modules
Thousands of NMC-CBT Practice tests
NMC-CBT Exam booking
Live and recorded Coaching services
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IELTS Training

At Medcrine we offer top-notch Nursing Council Exam and FQE guidance and coaching. We have the best revision package.

Comprehensive and complete IELTS course
Comprehensive IELTS question bank
Detailed step by step solutions
Latest Practice Material
IELTS Mock Tests

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We have experienced instructors and team that ensures high quality resources and materials are published and updated regularly on the platform. Resourses focused on your success.

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All the study materials and content on the site is reviwed regularly for new updates.

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