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Who We Are

by Dan

Medcrine Medical platform was founded with the aim of simplifying challenging medical concepts and to provide an effective way to master fundamental medical concepts.

The platform started as an adjunct mastery of complex medical concepts in a simplified way.

Medcrine Medical eases your learning by creating or high quality content in form of lecture notes and easy-to-follow video lectures.

Our aim is to build your knowledge base with our in-depth and concise resource that covers both foundational and advances medical sciences.

Complex information is delivered through a clear,concise and simplified lecture notes and a visually engaging videos.

Medcrine provides you with reliable, up-to-dare health information anytime anywhere for free.

Our mission

Our mission is to be the best online learning platform that provides free concise, high-yield and simplified medical education.

Our objective is to make your medical and nursing school life and practice easier than before by giving you all you need.

Why choose us?

Studying medicine is challenging. In medcrine we got our principles to ensure we stand out as the best in providing you online health information.

  • Our notes and videos are peer reviewed by a qualified multidisciplinary team for accuracy and relevance.
  • Our notes cover an in-depth details suitable to be an adequate adjunt to your learning.
  • Our drug cards are constantly updated to ensure that they conform to the resent medical updates.
  • Our lecture videos use a dynamic model to guide you through each step in understanding medicine


Our team is made of renown consultant physicians, medical teachers and students with a common goal and objectives to simplify and optimize online medical education and enable users to reach their full potential.

Dan Ogera-Founder and CEO

Michael Moggy-Co-Founder.

Outside of the classroom, we knew there had to be a better way to learn medicine more effectively.

Simplicity and effectiveness are our backbones in the development of our company.