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mental status examination
Clinical Skills

The mental status examination is a description of all the areas of the...

Oxygen-delivery devices
Clinical Skills

A variety of oxygen-delivery devices are available for administering oxygen...

Plummer-vinson Triad
Clinical Skills

Plummer-Vinson Syndrome is an association of postcricoid dysphagia, upper...

Lumbar Puncture Procedure
Clinical Skills

Lumbar puncture is a procedure that is often performed to obtain information...

Fever Of Unknown Origin
Clinical Skills

Fever of unknown origin is defined by (a) a temperature greater than 38.3°C...

psoas sign
Clinical Skills

One diagnostic maneuver for appendicitis is known as the psoas sign, which...

continous positive airway pressure
Clinical Skills

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is a type of positive airway...

Pleural Aspiration
Clinical Skills

Pleural aspiration or thoracocentesis is a procedure of aspirating fluid...

Jugular Venous Pressure
Clinical Skills

Jugular venous pressure is a and indirect manometer of pressure in the...

Heart Sounds
Clinical Skills

Events in the cardiac cycle generate sounds which can be heard on the surface...

Finger clubbing
Clinical Skills

Finger clubbing is a deformity of the finger or toe nails due to a proliferation...

Clinical Skills

GeneXpert MTB/RIF is a cartridge-based nucleic acid amplification test...

Chest Leads Placement
Clinical Skills

The six precordial ecg leads configuration places six positive electrodes...

Painful Joints
Clinical Skills

Painful joints is a common complain among patients. As a doctor you will...

Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of multiple myelomas
Clinical Skills

Presence of multiple myelomas is often suspected because of one of the...

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