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Mental Health and Psychiatry Online Course

  • 10 - 20 Days
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Mental Health and Psychiatry Online Course

  • Nursing
  • Updated on Tuesday 21st of March 2023

Course Overview

The mental health and psychiatry course aims to enable the learners to apply knowledge, skills, and attitude in the promotion of mental health, diagnose, manage and rehabilitate psychiatric patients.

By the end of this module, the learner should be able to:

  • ➢Explain the basic concepts, principles, and trends in mental health care.

➢Discuss and apply the legal aspects relating to mental health.

➢Assess, diagnose and manage common psychiatric disorders.

➢Diagnose, manage and rehabilitate patients with mental health conditions.

➢Participate in community mental health nursing.

This course shall cover the following areas;

Concepts and principles of mental health

➢Factors that promote mental health
➢Contributing factors to mental illness
➢Classification of mental disorders
➢Principles of psychiatric nursing
Legal aspects of mental health
➢Mental Health Act
➢Admission process
➢Criminal procedure code

Common Mental disorders

➢Mood disorders
➢Schizophrenia/affective disorders
➢Delusional disorders
➢Psychosis associated with pregnancy & childbirth
➢Organic psychosis
➢Anxiety disorders
➢Personality disorders
➢Sexual disorders
➢Childhood mental disorders
➢Mental subnormalities
➢Psychosis related to substance abuse
➢Psychiatric emergencies

Treatment Modalities in mental health

➢Electroconvulsive therapy
➢Occupational and recreational therapy
➢Family and social therapy

Community psychiatry

➢Promotion of mental Health
➢Prevention of mental health
➢Involvement of government and non-governmental organizations

Course Requirements
  • A medical science background
  • Physiology understanding
  • Free or premium Medcrine account
  • Internet connection

Course Details

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  • Topic: Nursing
  • 13 Chapters
  • 5 CPD
  • 42 Enrollments
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