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Post partum hemorrhage (PPH)Online Course

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Post partum hemorrhage (PPH)Online Course

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  • Updated on Friday 12th of August 2022
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Worldwide, haemorrhage is the most important cause of pregnancy-related mortality1 (Khan et al 2006 Lancet maternal health series). The majority of these deaths (88%) occur within 4 hours of delivery (Kane et al 1992), indicating that they are a consequence of events occurring in the third stage of labour. The first hours post partum are especially critical in the diagnosis and management of abnormal bleeding2. Those that survive PPH will suffer residual severe anaemia and other major health problems Globally, there are an estimated 14 million cases of pregnancy-related haemorrhage every year. Of these women at least 150 000 die. In Kenya, the maternal mortality ratio is at 488 per 100 000 live births [KDHS, 2008/9] with the risk of dying being 1:20. Close to 60% of all deliveries are conducted at home by an unskilled attendant and the Post natal care attendance within 48 hours of delivery is at 42%. PPH contributes to 34% of maternal deaths and it is the most common cause of maternal
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