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Course Overview

Exemplary critical care knowledge enables one to have a rapid therapeutic responses to failure of vital organ systems, utilizing standardized and effective protocols such as advanced cardiac life support and advanced trauma life support. Other critically ill patients in less urgent need of resuscitation remain vulnerable to multiple organ system failure, and benefit from prevention of each organ system dysfunction according to principles for ultimately reestablishing normal physiology. This course enables you as a front line healthcare worker to have an understanding of the basic for principles of critical care and criteria of determination of admission to critical care units.

Course requirements

The course is designed for a broad, general audience but will be particularly interesting for medical students and healthcare workers with a background of nursing, medicine.

The course is also suitable for holders of other medical sciences and individuals working in healthcare,as well as those considering a career as a healthcare professional, those with an interest in personal health and fitness, or anyone who simply wants to understand this amazing topic.

What you'll learn

  • The critical care unit
  • Basic principles of critical care unit
  • Infection prevention
  • Crisis intervention and crisis reduction
  • Classification of intensive care units
  • Organization of intensive care units
  • Critical care units admission and discharge criteria

Course Curriculum

  • The critical care unit15 Minutes
  • Basic principles of critical care unit15 Minutes
  • Infection prevention15 Minutes
  • Crisis intervention and crisis reduction15 Minutes
  • Classification of intensive care units15 Minutes
  • Organization of intensive care units15 Minutes
  • Critical care units admission and discharge criteria15 Minutes
  • Course assessment10 Minutes
  • Course feedback and review2 Minutes
  • Downloadable course materialsInstant
  • Course completition digital certificateInstant

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Avid and passionate medical educator, simplifying the concepts in a comprehensive, concise and easy to understand manner.

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