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creating an account

Creating an account

To create an account you only need to:

  • Enter your first and last name.
  • Your working email address.
  • Choose a specialty and country.
  • Then input your password
my dashboard

Your Dashboard

Once you have logged in into your medcrine account you shall be directed to your dashboard page. In Your Dashboar you can:

  • Favourite your articles and visit them later.
  • Access the QBank and attempt our structured high yield questions.
  • Monitor your progress with regard to each questions taken and the scores.
  • View your read articles and resume your last read article.
medcrine qbank

Question Bank.

In our QBank section you can select and attempt questions of our four main categories; Physiology, Pthophysiology, Pharmacology and Nursing.

  • Attempt new questions.
  • Restart previously attempted questions.
  • Access to corrections and answers.
  • Monitor your performance.
medcrine progress

Monitor Your Progress

In the progress section you get access to;

  • Number of arcticles covered.
  • Question tests attempted.
  • Question test Scores.