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Download NCK past papers from the year 2003 to 2020 for diploma nurses pdf format.

Preparation and revision for the Nursing Council Of Kenya licensure examinations can be a daunting task if not done effectively. Effective and productive revision requires good and concise revision materials to give you all the accurate and reliable content and past examination papers to give you a glimpse and idea of the most commonly set and tested areas.

Accessing all the past papers is one task and answering all of the questions with correct answers together with their rationales is another task. Both of these can seem unachievable in a short time but Medcrine has eased the way to do it. We have taken a chance to collect all the questions, answering them and giving you the most wanted correct answers and their rationales.

To get a glimpse of the structure of these questions let's have a rough overview of the exam.

Initially, candidates sat for four exam papers that is; paper one to paper four over two examination days. With the outbreak of the covid pandemic, the nursing council of Kenya shifted the structure of the questions and also the method of doing these questions. Currently, the exam is done in only two papers consisting of 100 multiple choice questions each. An online proctoring platform (Digi proctor is used).

Composition of the papers

Paper One

The current paper one comprises of the following areas:

1. Adult nursing
2.Pediatric nursing
3.Critical care and theatre nursing
4. Professionalism and trends in nursing
5. Communication and counseling
6. Introduction to reproductive health
7. Pregnancy, labour, and puerperium
8. Contraceptive technology

Paper two

paper two comprises :

1. Introduction to community health nursing,
2. Primary health care
3. Environmental health
4. Communicable diseases
5. Community diagnosis
6. Special health issues
7. Home-based care
8. Mental health and psychiatric nursing
9. Sociology and anthropology
10. Research in nursing
11. Leadership and management
12. Teaching and learning methodology

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