Our Story

Medcrine Medical is an online learning platform developed with the objective of simplifying continous medical learning among healthcare providers and and medical students.
The platform started as an adjunct mastery of complex medical concepts in a simplified way.

Medcrine Medical eases your learning by creating or high quality content in form of lecture notes, exam-style question bank and easy-to-follow video lectures.

Our MISSION is to provide nursing and medical students with the best learning tools, effective for their revision. We understand the challenges medical students face as they endeavor to master the vast amount of knowledge needed to succeed in theyr board examinations.
We know that effective mastery of medical concepts requires a well structured and planned revision tactics.

High-yield content
Concise and comprehensive
Exam-style practice questions
Self paced and personalized study

Our Values

Our values guide how we design and build Medcrine.


We see no limits to what we can achieve by harnessing our individual and collective strengths. We are changing the world with our ideas, insights, and unique perspectives.


We work hard to succeed because we’re so invested in our purpose. As we grow, so does our opportunity to make a long term difference the community and the world as a whole.


Our innovation is led by data, curiosity and the occasional happy accident. We create an uplifting environment where we learn from our failures and celebrate our success.

Our Awards Winning team

Composed of determined and passionate top medical educators, medical students and panelists with an objective of simplifying medical concepts and increasing coverage for medical students.

CEO and Founder
Partner & Advisor
Strategic advisor
Content Writter

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